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Lift Refurbishment

In a Residential Development

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Improving reliability, increasing working life and meeting compliance by modernisation.

Lift portfolio




The performance of our client’s 3-lift portfolio had dramatically reduced due to dilapidation. Many of the components had become obsolete and worn causing the lifts to be unreliable and noisy during operation.


Condition Survey

ILECS carried out condition surveys on all 3 lifts to enable us to report on any recommendations to the lifts to improve reliability, meet compliance and increase working life.

Modernisation or Replacement

We identified that, although maintained well over the years, due to the age of the equipment, parts were beyond their intended design life and the units needed major modernisation or replacement.


After meeting with our client, we wrote a specification and pre-construction plan to fully refurbish the lifts as we felt retaining the structural components would be advisable due to the quality of existing steelwork and would keep down costs. We liaised with our client on details and contractual terms, including additional insurances, and proceeded to tender and oversee the works.

lift machinist



Our client now has 3 fully refurbished lifts, with open protocol equipment, new car finishes and landing entrances, which should provide a reliable lift service for the next 15-20 years.

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