The lift expenditure by Addenbrookes Hospital was in the region of £450,000 per year when considering servicing, call out and breakdown costs.

Fundamentally, the Trust’s lift contractors were charging for all calls on a basic maintenance contract, and there was no monitoring of the lift portfolio for insurance reports or invoicing for an ageing lift portfolio, which was becoming increasingly problematic.


Improve maintenance coverage

We reviewed the service agreement and re-tendered this on a comprehensive basis. The lift portfolio was split across two contacts to allow for better coverage and response times from the contractors.

Gain control of the portfolio

We implemented our comprehensive lift administration service, OneVision, that controls the management of a client’s lift maintenance, associated reports and correspondence, so Addenbrookes Hospital could gain control over their portfolio.

Establish lift modernisation plan

We developed a 10 plan for lift modernisation that will be funded by the savings made within the lift contract management.


Saved money

Our solution of implementing correct monitoring, reducing chargeable call outs, and correcting pricing to the lift contracts gave Addenbrookes Hospital a saving of £250,000 per annum.

Experts monitor portfolio

Using OneVision, the client’s lift portfolio is regularly monitored by industry experts at ILECS. All insurance reports and maintenance issues are now monitored and closed off, and invoicing is now correct and checked by ILECS too.

Reduce lift expenditure

With our help, the client was able to reduce its lift expenditure by a massive 56%.

What we think…

“We’re happy to have helped our client turn around their lift portfolio and make significant savings going forward. This clearly shows the benefits of using a lift consultant and receiving the correct advice and procedures can make a big difference to the cost and service the client receives.

Despite the reduction in costs our client receives better service and now has no issues when receiving invoices and quotes, know what is included and what would not be included from a clear and concise service contract.”

Carl Snell, Director at ILECS

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