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Independent lift & escalator consultants

Full Design Duties

ILECS provide full lift and escalator designs for residential and commercial buildings, ranging from the modernisation of existing units through to entirely new installations.

A lift and escalator design should be developed in response to individual business or client objectives.

It's important to understand what your business wants to achieve by incorporating a lift or escalator, or refurbishing current transportation.

Essentially, a lift will manage the movement of passengers, goods and support services, including vehicle transportation and the facilitation of evacuation and firefighting. If you're looking to replace, modernise or refurbish your portfolio, we can offer you independent specialist advice on the process you need to take with your lift and escalator design.

Working With Us

Our Process

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  • Recognise clients' needs and requirements
  • Establish if there are any budgetary controls
  • Advise on forms of contract
  • Section 20 notices
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  • Work with the client to determine a strategy
  • Prepare specification to meet design and project team requirements
  • Select a variety of lift contractors to tender to
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  • Distribute the agreed tender and specification to nominated companies
  • Produce a comprehensive tender analysis
  • Review the returned tenders with the client
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  • Arrange post tender meetings
  • Select contractor and place the order on behalf of the client
  • Pre start meeting with the client and service contractor
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  • Carry out site visit to monitor progress
  • Deal with any issues as and when they arise
  • Carry out witness tests
  • Supervise snagging items
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  • One year of free OneVision
  • Be involved during the defects liability period if issues occur and carry out our final inspection at the end of this period
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How will full design duties help me?

Our lift and escalator designs give you a full and comprehensive list of works that would be required. They ensure works are carried out to a suitable standard and with equipment suitable for the application, and ensure compliance with the latest standards. We advise you on the types of contract available and recommend the type to be used. Our professional advice is available throughout the entire project - we advise you on your obligations, and we witness test the finished works to ensure the work is complete to the highest standard.

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