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Lift Condition Survey

On a Large Goods Lift

Undertaking an independent lift condition survey on a large goods lift to determine its condition and make recommendations for any future works.

Unexpected costs



Reliability issues

Our client was suffering reliability issues with a large goods lift installed within their Grade I listed building. The log card indicated a total of 5 breakdowns within the last 12 months, mainly to do with the failure of the automatic doors. This then caused the goods to collide with the closed doors, which were weak, leading to external damage to the lift.

Poor condition

The general condition of the lift was poor, with equipment showing signs of deterioration. The lift car and well looked tired and worn. The original main hoisting unit was leaking oil and the ride quality was poor (very squeaky during travel). Additionally, the lift did not meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, signalisation or Health and Safety requirements.

As the lift is heavily used to take various deliveries throughout the building, the client could not afford for it to be out of service.


Independent lift condition survey

We were instructed to provide an independent lift condition survey on the large goods lift to examine the existing condition of the lift and to determine what could be done to improve reliability.

Modernisation or replacement

Our findings suggested that due to the age of the equipment, the parts were beyond their intended design life and the unit needed major modernisation or replacement. We advised our client that the best solution would be to completely replace the lift as opposed to carrying out a modernisation, as the parts were difficult to obtain, which could result in longer down times and the loss of service.

The client took our advice and received a full replacement with a heavy-duty machine, car interior and door system and in terms of cost, would have been similar to modernising the lift.


Reliable service

The replacement of the large goods lift has guaranteed a reliable service; the automatic doors are now functioning correctly, preventing any further issues.

Fully compliant

The unexpected costs incurred for regular breakdowns has been eliminated and the lift is now in excellent condition; brand new throughout, meeting all areas of compliance, standards, acts and regulations.

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