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What is lift portfolio management?

What is lift portfolio management?
1st July 2020 Lewis Brooks

Lift management comprises the day to day process of ensuring that your lifts remain reliable, safe and compliant in accordance with your obligations as a duty holder under Section 4 of the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act (1974). This covers the planning of routine proactive maintenance, and the scheduling of legally required thorough examinations, inspections and supplementary tests. It includes the actioning of any repairs or health and safety upgrades required to maintain your lifts in a safe and efficient condition. And it includes the recording and retaining of key lift information in an up to date condition such that it can be presented for review to any authority when required.

This can however, be a time consuming, costly and stressful experience for the duty holder, especially if they are managing a larger portfolio of lifts.

This is where our OneVision Lift Management service can help. Our expert team of OneVision Account Managers have the knowledge and experience of managing lift portfolio’s no matter what size. Click here to find out more about our OneVision lift management service and how it could help you.