ILECS provides support to Acorn Village

Acorn Village
ILECS are pleased to have continued our support for the local community by donating a total of £875 to Acorn Village throughout 2023. We recently invited some residents, tenants and staff of Acorn Village to our head office in Mistley, where we sat in our boardroom to have a good chat with some tea, coffee and cake. We gave Acorn Village a tour of our office and everyone enjoyed meeting each other.

Who are Acorn Village?

Acorn Village is a charity based in Mistley, Essex that offers high-quality care and accommodation to adults and provides residential and supported living facilities and care and support for adults with learning disabilities. The charity was set up more than 50 years ago by a determined group of families that wanted a different approach to caring for their children with learning disabilities as they become adults.

How have ILECS supported?

We have previously donated an RNIB talking microwave, talking scales, and Ucello easy pour kettle to Acorn Village for their multi-skills centre. Acorn Village invited ILECS to participate in their 2023 corporate fundraising challenge, which saw businesses come together to raise money over a 6-month period. ILECS held an internal raffle with members of the ILECS team and raised £375! In addition to this, ILECS also made a donation of £500 towards Acorn Village’s Christmas fundraiser.

How you can get involved

If you’re interested in supporting Acorn Village, whether that be through corporate support, making a donation, volunteering, or by other means, you can do so by visiting

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