Paul Newton celebrates 15 years at ILECS

Paul Newton

We sat down with Paul Newton recently as he celebrates 15 years of service at ILECS. We asked Paul some questions about his time in the lift and escalator industry, and here’s what he had to say…   

How many years have you worked in the lift industry?

“Overall, I’ve spent 44 years in the lift industry. Having started as an apprentice at KONE, one of the most well-known lift companies in the world, I worked there for 29 years in a variety of roles within different departments and offices”. 

Outline your career progression while working at ILECS

“When I joined ILECS back in 2008, I already had 29 years of experience working in the lift industry. I came with a strong technical background and an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering. Although I knew a lot about lifts, I didn’t know anything about lift consultancy, so I looked forward to learning something new. Over the past 15 years of working at ILECS, I’ve earned several promotions and now work as Director of Projects”. 

What have been the key highlights for you during your time with ILECS?

“During my first few months, the company was very welcoming and supportive. One of the best things about working for ILECS is their care for their employees. They make the effort to look after their staff and it was especially evident during the pandemic. I really liked that, and I think it’s crucial to keep a happy and motivated team. 

I also love a challenging project, and throughout my time of working here I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really interesting projects, where a lot of planning and consideration needed to be made. I find it rewarding seeing a project develop from an initial survey where we make recommendations, right through to seeing those same recommendations being taken on board and completing a project. Sometimes, the complicated projects can take a few years to complete so there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into ensuring its success”.

Have you seen the industry change during your career? If so, how?

“There have been vast changes in the equipment being used on lifts. Lifts are now computerised but if you go back 44 years, there was no such thing as computerised lifts, so it’s incredible to think how far we have come with technological advancements. 

I’ve seen much development in health and safety, and when I first started working as a lift engineer, I remember reading that it was considered the second most dangerous job in the country behind deep sea fishing. While it still has its dangers now, it’s great to see that it’s a lot safer.

It’s also evident that there has been a big change in client expectations and in order to meet those expectations, speed and quality matter”.  

What advice would you give to someone starting a career in the lift industry?

“My advice to someone starting in the lift industry is to listen to everyone and ask questions. Whether it be clients, colleagues or peers, make sure to listen and communicate effectively to all people involved. 

I’d also say if you’re an engineer considering a career in the lift industry, it’s a very good role to have due to the variation of the jobs and buildings you work on. No two days are ever the same”. 

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