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Lift Modernisation

ILECS alleviated health and safety concerns while maintaining the aesthetic attributes of the building and previous installation.


Our client contacted ILECS with health and safety concerns on the lattice landing and car gates of their lift. We were instructed to survey and complete a condition report on this lift, to provide an independent view on the client's concerns, as well as provide recommendations to allow them to plan and budget for the future.

The equipment was showing signs of deterioration and the motor room was looking tired and worn. The main hosting unit was leaking oil and the lift ran at 0.5m/s, which is considered slow to today’s standards, providing excessive waiting times for the tenants and their visitors. We identified that there were high risk shearing hazards with the lattice landing and car gates and the lift did not meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, signalisation, or Health and Safety legislation.

Generally, these types of lifts were considered to have a design life of some 25-30 years, subject to correct maintenance and usage. This unit had exceeded that duration as it approached approximately 50 years of age.


Refurbish & modernise

ILECS were appointed to undertake Full Design Duties and Principal Designer, writing a specification and pre-construction plan to refurbish and modernise the lift.


2 panel side opening steel framed glazed doors were installed onto all landings, as well as the lift car, with a third fixed panel also installed at every entrance.


The panels were colour matched to the original ornate iron work, and the doors to match the dimensions of the iron work in order to blend in and retain the aesthetics of the building. It was also possible to restore and retain the original ornate ceiling.

It was important to our client that the lift was kept visually pleasing and in keeping with the internal décor of the building as it was prior to any works being carried out.


Reliable service

Our client now has a fully modernised lift, which is expected to provide a reliable lift service for a minimum of 20 years.

Hazards eliminated

The high-risk shearing hazards with the lattice landing and car door gates were alleviated. The lift now conforms to all required health and safety acts and standards.

In keeping design

All the work undertaken was sympathetic to the building and the existing lift, as requested.

To find out more about how ILECS can assist you with a programme of lift modernisation, contact our team.

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