Mistley Cricket Club Sponsorship

Mistley Cricket Club in ILECS sponsored kit at the ILECS office

As part of our mission to support the local community, we’re pleased to be sponsoring Mistley Cricket Club for the next two years.

The deal will help fund the clubs new kits and boost ILECS’s brand awareness locally.

John Hawthorn of the Cricket Club said: “The new kits, funded by ILECS have put a real feel good factor in to the club and they look great with the ILECS logo on the front. The team morale has undoubtedly been boosted and we're proud to be in partnership with a local business that cares about the community. For us, it is important to be seen to be keeping up with the competition and the sponsorship from ILECS has enabled us to do this.”


Mistley Cricket Club is an all-inclusive club where men, women and kids can learn and play.

Jayne Cotton ILECS Director - "We are delighted to be associated with our local cricket club, who have played cricket in Mistley for over 200 years, a club that runs several sides including five senior, one ladies, and several junior teams."

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