What is the difference between an independent lift consultant and a lift contractor?

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Whether it on a stand at an exhibition or through our website contact page, one of the most common questions we are asked is:

“What is the difference between an independent lift consultant and a lift contractor?”

Similar questions can also include: “Why do we need you when we can ask the lift contractor?” or even “My contractor is also a lift consultant so why should we appoint you?”

There are several differences between a lift contractor and a lift consultant, but perhaps the most important is that of independence. As an independent lift consultant, we do not sell lifts, lift parts, or lift maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to providing advice, whether that be technical or administrative, we have no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda and no conflict of interest. What we sell is technical expertise.

Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to provide advice on all aspects of the industry without bias or prejudice therefore affords our clients peace of mind when it comes to making the right decisions in relation to their lift project or maintenance portfolio.

As a lift consultant, we act on behalf of the client. Whether they are looking to install a new lift, modernise an existing lift or simply manage the day to day operation of a lift portfolio, we provide assistance and advice on issues from planning and design to maintenance and legal responsibilities.

It is often the case that a lift contractor will not set out to deliberately mislead. Nonetheless, contractors are not always best placed to determine the needs of the client. Ultimately contractors need to sell a product or maintenance service in order to continue in business. There is always therefore a risk that advice given by the contractor, will be based around what they can offer or sell and not what is most appropriate for the client.

With no product to sell, a consultant can analyse a client’s individual requirements and offer an independent viewpoint on the most appropriate solution. This may not always be the cheapest option, but it will most likely be the most effective.

Employing a consultant can save a client money. Whether it be evaluating contractor quotations for repair work on a managed portfolio, or tendering for major lift installation projects, the savings gained by employing a consultant can often make them at the very least, a cost neutral addition to any lift project.

However, it is the peace of mind that they can bring, providing the information and guidance that allows the client to make the right decisions when it comes to selecting maintenance, design and equipment that can make a real difference both in the short term and for the remaining life of the lift.

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