ILECS Staff Become Mental Health First Aiders

Mental Health First Aid

ILECS Directors Carl Snell and Jayne Cotton have recently undertaken a training course to become Mental Health First Aiders. As such, we sat down with Carl and Jayne to discuss their motivations behind receiving this certificate and discovered what it means for their team.

'A person's home life can affect their mood at work or how they approach a task. If we can provide support to that person, to be somebody that's just going to listen after they have had a tough day, then that's what we want to do.' 

- Jayne Cotton, Director & Company Secretary at ILECS

What does being a Mental Health First Aider mean?

Being a Mental Health First Aider involves recognising when someone in the workplace is suffering. A critical responsibility of a Mental Health First Aider is listening and supporting others, not giving advice or trying to diagnose. Everything discussed between the two parties is strictly confidential, allowing staff a safe and judgement-free space to speak - an environment we strive to provide our team at ILECS.

What kind of training did the course involve?

The course took place over four days. It involved practising different scenarios and learning how to approach and respond to them, from recognising changes in people's everyday behaviour to dealing with more extreme circumstances. 

Why is training Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace important?

In the post-covid years, we saw an increase in the number of people suffering from mental health problems globally. Our employees are at the very core of our organisation, and monitoring their mental health has never been more important. The course gave us the tools to act as a support system for our staff to ensure we continue prioritising their well-being. We can also signpost team members to appropriate resources suited to their needs.

What does this mean for ILECS?

At ILECS, we value our staff's physical and mental well-being, and we are fortunate to have company healthcare so everybody has access to an employee assistance program. Additionally, a few of our staff members in the office are trained in basic First Aid. As a Mental Health First Aider, qualified personnel are provided with a lanyard to wear to ensure they can be identified quickly in the workplace.

'We are a very people-focused company; our employees are the most important thing to us. So when the opportunity did come around, we looked into it more and then just felt that it was the right thing to do for everybody.' 

- Carl Snell, Director at ILECS

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