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How Rendall & Rittner saved £35k through our OneVision service

ILECS conducted a lift condition survey on a residential lift for Rendall & Rittner (R&R).

OneVision manages Rendall & Rittner’s portfolio of 2500+ lifts, where our dedicated team of Account Managers collate and organise their portfolio, ensuring all maintenance contracts, LOLER reports and historical lift information is logged via our OneVision service. 

One lift in particular within Rendall & Rittner’s portfolio received a quotation from the service contractor totalling £35,000 to upgrade the controller. The service contractor stated that the lift, installed in 2007, was too old to operate safely and these works were necessary. However, we knew that the lift is predominantly used as a residential lift, accessing the inner floors of the building, and therefore the overall footfall of the lift is comparatively lower than standard multi-use lifts. 

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Cost avoidance


A contractor for Rendall & Rittner approached the OneVision team with a quote of £35,000 for a controller upgrade on the residential lift, stating that the lift, installed in 2007, was too old to operate safely. During this project, the biggest challenge was correctly establishing whether it was justifiable for our client to spend a large sum on the lift upgrade. We, therefore, recommended that our ILECS team carry out a lift condition survey to determine the most cost-effective solution for our client.


After examining the lift, ILECS found it to be in good working condition. As documented on our OneVision portal, the equipment was serviced frequently, with 12 service visits and multiple LOLERs carried out across 12 months. The log card recorded only one breakdown in the 12-month period, and the lack of callouts charged to the client further proves the reliability of the lift.

Within the survey report, our team concluded that no controller or electrical upgrades were necessary for the residential lift at this time. Our report reassured the client that the lift is in good working condition, save for some minor health and safety items that can be quickly addressed and see only minor costs incurred. Our consultants proposed a 4 – 5-year period before the client should consider any large expenditures, modernisations, or replacements.


As a result of our findings in the lift condition survey, we have saved our client £35,000 as well as the time and effort required to upgrade the controller and potentially replace the lift without any prior notice. Due to the timeline provided by our lift consultants, we enabled our client to budget their costs effectively for future expenditures in line with the set expectations. Our OneVision portal accurately records all callouts, services and maintenance visits to further support our consultants in reaching a recommendation confidently.

Julie Wright at Rendall & Rittner said:

Thanks to ILECS’ knowledge and experience, we were able to avoid a significant expenditure for our client which has given us peace of mind about the life-span and reliability of the lift in question. We now have the foresight to budget accordingly for when the time is right to modernise the lift. Robin Tomaselli is an invaluable and experienced member of the team.”

Robin Tomaselli, OneVision Account Manager, said:

This project showcases our in-house capabilities extremely well, with our OneVision and ILECS divisions complementing each other and amplifying one another to save our client both time and money. Feedback from our client suggests that the information in the survey was ‘worth its weight in gold’ and we are extremely pleased.

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