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Lift Refurbishment

ILECS improved the performance, life span, ride quality, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of the client's lifts.


Our client was concerned with the remaining life span of their 3-lift portfolio since suffering performance and reliability issues.

There had been issues with the control system, the door system controllers, and the door systems themselves. The hands-free intercom in the lifts wasn’t working correctly and in many respects the lifts did not meet current standards or Health and Safety requirements.


Improve performance

ILECS carried out an independent lift condition survey, which outlined the level of work required to improve the performance and reliability of their lift portfolio.

Full modernisation

We recommended full modernisation of all major components of the lifts; new controller and lift well re-wire, new hoisting machine, landing entrances, door operators and car interiors, as well as all outstanding Health and Safety items to bring the lift in line with current standards.


Improved performance

The fully modernised lift portfolio performs well, with improved ride quality and energy efficiency. Their life span has been restored, along with their aesthetic appeal.

Fully compliant

All areas of compliance, standards, acts and regulations have now been reached.

To find out more about how ILECS ensure the compliance of your lift portfolio, contact our team.

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