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Lift Maintenance Contract

For a Large Property Management Company

Reducing the amount of lift contractors for a portfolio of lifts to save money and stress for a large property management company.

Less contractors

Lift portfolio

Better communication


Management difficulties

Across their portfolio of 473 lifts, our client had 34 different lift contractors each providing different levels of service.

As a result of this, their portfolio was proving to be difficult to manage due to several factors, such as:

• poor communication
• poor levels of service
• inconsistent coverage of inclusions/exclusions



We firstly needed to investigate the various maintenance contracts currently in place. This included corresponding each lift with the appropriate contract, distinguishing the levels of service on each, and identifying the termination periods in order to cancel the existing contracts.

Bespoke maintenance contract

Once the research phase was complete, we created a bespoke maintenance contract, protecting the client’s own requirements, which was then tendered out to a variety of suitable service providers from our own approved contractor list.

Greater level of service & coverage of parts

The outcome has provided the client with a greater level of service, consistent across the entire portfolio, and has reduced the number of lift contractors down from 34 to 4.

In addition, we have offered greater coverage of parts; many contractors will exclude parts over a certain value, but our maintenance contracts cover all parts, regardless of value.


Saved money

Our solution has saved our client money, as well as ensured they won’t receive any unexpected bills.

Easier management

A consistent level of service across the entire portfolio has allowed for easier management and time efficiency.

Invoice dates have been brought inline, making invoicing (relating to the lift portfolio) quicker and easier for the accounts department.

The monitoring of service visits and call out times means breakdowns have been reduced and problematic lifts are quickly identified and rectified.

Improved KPIs

KPIs have been improved, such as better response times and increased service visits.

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