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The Swan Basin Community Initiative

The Swan Basin Community Initiative
12th February 2020 Lewis Brooks

Swan Basin MistleyThe Swan BasinAfter a plea from the local Mistley Parish Council for volunteers to work with the community, ILECS has committed to maintaining the area around the Swan Fountain, a local tourist attraction and of historic interest, situated just outside of our head office.

The Swan Basin, as it is known, is a large oval cement pond with a life size stone swan fountain in the centre. There is also a smaller horse trough below a central arch to the rear. Both built in the 1700’s for local gentry, the Hon. Richard Rigby had commissioned Robert Adam to design a saltwater spa bath by the river – a fantastic idea but was never carried out.

Jayne Cotton commented ‘we are delighted to be able to support our local parish council with our efforts. The Swan Basin is the first thing you see when you turn in to our offices from the High Street. In the past it has been overgrown and littered with rubbish, now it is something that we, and everyone around can admire’

Image credit: The Mistley Thorn & The Independent

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