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Challenging Lift Refurbishment

ILECS carried out a logistically challenging lift refurbishment in a block of private flats in Mayfair, London. 


ILECS worked on this lift refurbishment project with Blenheims Estate and Asset Management Ltd, taking place at 26 North Audley Street. 26 North Audley Street is located in the Mayfair area of London and is home to a block of private flats.

When ILECS first started work on the building, there was a mesh and cage-style lift from 1935 in the centre of the stairwell which spanned 5 floors. The lift had very little work done on it and was bolted to the stairs all the way up the stairwell. The lift placement presented further challenges as the lift pit was suspended above a flat, introducing the potential impact of maintenance on residents that needed to be carefully managed.


Outdated lift

The lift motor room was located inside the basement flat, and there was a skylight above the old lift which allowed light into the area. When considering the optimal way to refurbish the lift, the biggest challenge to overcome was maintaining structural integrity throughout the lift shaft and the suspended lift pit, whilst ensuring that the new design was built primarily from glass to continue allowing light through from the skylight.

Our client also wanted the new lift to uphold the highest level of safety in the suspended lift pit – we identified the need for a secure lift shaft, as the bolted setup was not appropriate for a modern lift. In addition, the motor room needed to be located outside of the flats, and the tenants in the basement flat wanted to rent out the space, meaning that the lift equipment had to be removed in advance. Managing these logistical challenges was a key element of this particular project, and our team worked hard to minimise the impact of our work on those living in the building.


A new design

We spent several years on the design and tender process, and worked with structural engineers to determine what loadings and lift design would be feasible to install in the suspended lift pit. The old equipment was removed from the basement flat, and the installation of the new lift and lift shaft started in September 2021. The installation process took several months to complete, which brought this complex but interesting project to a close.


Full compliance

Following the lift refurbishment, our client has been left with a lift that is reliable and compliant with all necessary safety measures. The modern design is an update from the previous iteration that was installed in 1935, and we worked closely with the client to create a solution that works for their space.

"It's had quite a lot of challenges, getting everyone to agree to the solution, and it's brilliant that we're finally there and can show everyone how wonderful it is."

Paul Newton, Associate Director, ILECS

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